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Outreach Programs

HawkQuest offers four distinct outreach programs, plus booth appearances and special events. We bring live birds of prey to people of all ages, from preschool children to senior citizens. We strive to impress upon our audiences the importance of preserving ecosystems and the wildlife that depend on them. Through understanding the world around them, diverse populations will appreciate that they can influence the environment positively.

We share our message with hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States each year - click here to view HawkQuest Program Statistics.

Birds of Prey Lecture | H.O.O.T.–Hands On Owl Teaching
| Owls of the World | Whoo Am I? | Booth Appearances / Special Events

Birds of Prey Lecture

Birds of Prey Lecture (all ages)

This one-hour program, which is tailored to the age and experience of the audience, includes a Bald or a Golden eagle, an owl, a falcon, and features a free-flying hawk. Student learn about the importance of different raptor species, their specially-adapted tools, and their role in our ecosystems.

In this participatory program, students are able to observe the unique tools of the owl, the incredible talons and six-foot wingspan of the eagle, the aerodynamic features of the falcon, and the precision flying of the hawk.

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Owls of North America (all ages)

Owls of the World

This fascinating one-hour program will captivate audiences of all ages! We bring four owls and one hawk to your location.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

- Explain the difference between hawks and owls

- Distinguish between nocturnal, crepuscular and diurnal owls

- Discuss biology - such as beaks, talons, vision, hearing, facial disk, neck mobility, and feathers, and ...

- Talk about geographic location, and how that affects hunting patterns.

We compare and contrast each of the species in order to provide a thourough explanation of the above, while also providing information on the importance of these species in our ecosystem. While the session is educational, it is also fun, including a chance to ask questions and get a picture taken with an owl, in addition to other participatory opportunities.

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HawkQuest Booth

Booth Appearances / Special Events

HawkQuest extends its educational offerings outside the auditorium, lecture hall, and field through booth appearances and special events. From our booth, we lecture about birds of prey on an ongoing basis, bringing our message to hundreds of thousands of people annually.

HawkQuest's "feathered teachers" (eagles, hawks, owls and falcons) can be observed from just a few feet away. Look for our booth at Native American celebrations, Renaissance festivals, educational symposia, crafts fairs, and other events across the United States.

HawkQuest Special Event

HawkQuest also participates in many special events which can be tailored to individual needs. These include photo shoots, corporate functions, Eagle Courts of Honor for Boy Scouts, grand openings, and school events with raptor mascots. Special appearances can be tailored to suit a particular need.

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For information about HawkQuest, including how to book a program or to become a volunteer, call (303) 690-6959.
HawkQuest business hours are 9am to 5pm Mountain Time, Tuesday through Saturday.

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