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Program Statistics 2019


In 2019, HawkQuest had an impact on almost a half a million people:

Total Number of Events 594
Total Number of People Seen 161,957

This year, HawkQuest was invited to appear at several new events, including the new Gaylord Rockies facility where Fortune 500 companies and their employees, including management were able to view our maginificent raptors and take pictures of them. Our exposure continues to increase!


In lectures, HawkQuest brings live Birds of Prey to people of all ages, from preschool children to senior citizens. The audience is able to observe the specially adapted tools of the owl, the incredible talons and six-foot wingspan of the magnificent eagle, the special aerodynamic features of the falcon and the precision flying of the Harris' hawk.

2019 Events Number of
Number of
People Seen
Birds of Prey Lecture 371 32,128
HOOT Owl Program 4 196
Owls of the World 8 955
Totals 383 33,279

Booths, Special Events, and Special Appearances

HawkQuest's "feathered teachers" -- eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons -- can be observed from just a few feet away at booths and special events such as Native American Markets, Renaissance Festivals, educational symposia and craft fairs across the United States. Knowledgeable HawkQuest staff and volunteers enjoy sharing their expertise with members of the public eager to learn more about these birds.

2019 Events Number of
Number of
People Seen
Booths 75 63,615
Special Events 57 30,151
68 34,456
Totals 200 128,222

Photo Shoots

Photo Shoots provide the opportunity for people that love photographing nature to photograph raptors in their natural environment. These photo shoots are excellent for professional as well as for amateur photograpghers. Let your camera club know!

2019 Events Number of
Number of
People Seen
Photo Shoots 11 456

For information about HawkQuest, including how to book a program or to become a volunteer, call (303) 690-6959.
HawkQuest business hours are 9am to 5pm Mountain Time, Tuesday through Saturday.

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