(HawkQuest Member Display Plaque, Customized HawkQuest Event!) This is a customized membership level that is recognized with
a high quality HawkQuest Member Display Plaque.

Includes an on-site presentation of the plaque at the corporation
(in the Denver Metro area) including a photo opportunity with
the corporation’s bird of choice.

Contact HawkQuest by phone or e-mail to discuss how we can customize
this for your company. Some possibilities include a choice of:

  • HawkQuest lecture for your company’s employees; or
  • HawkQuest birds at a corporate special event such as annual
    holiday party or picnic.

For more info and FAQs, see HawkQuest Member Info.

(To pay for your membership, fill in the information requested below and
then click “add this to my cart“, just like any other product.)